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Please allow me to introduce myself, for the purpose of this Blog, my name is Kenny. I have been a police officer in two major US Cities for about 15 years. The first city was New York, where I worked in arguably the busiest (and most violent) precinct for over 11 years. My career spanned patrol, Anti-Crime, Auto-Larceny, and a slew of other Special operations.

During that time, I have witnessed more homicides, suicides, and natural deaths then I care to think about, but if I had to guess, I would estimate well into the hundreds.

If you are reading this, you are either preparing for a worst case scenario or may have just experienced a recent loss (or maybe you are simply curious about how to deal with a decedent from a law enforcement point of view). (more…)


What defines a crime scene?  When should professionals be called in?  Are crime scene cleanup companies called only when someone dies?

When the average person thinks of crime scene cleanup, they imagine a murder or suicide, blood splattered everywhere, something you would see on ‘Dexter’.  In fact, while we do clean murder and suicide scenes, we also clean scenes where no one has died.   Any major traumatic event could necessitate a professional coming in and cleaning the scene.   A person who is shot and lives, for instance, is going to bleed out more than a person who dies instantly.  Often there’s no crime committed at all.  An unattended death may not be discovered for quite some time.  The task of cleaning up such scenes falls to professionals in the biorecovery business. (more…)